CS Connect – The Interface Application

Integrate your platforms and ensure consistent data to facilitate accurate business decisions. Automate data exchange between multiple systems - on premise or in the cloud - and prevent redundant data maintenance with the certified standard product CS Connect.




CS Connect integrates Microsoft and ERP systems and automates bi-directional data exchange. Keep decision-relevant data consistently up-to-date and provide it in the familiar work environment of all involved roles. Verify data consistency by detailed transaction logging, comprehensive error handling and role based notifications.

CS Connect –
Integration between Microsoft and ERP technology

Substantial decisions within the project life cycle are based on reliable and up-to-date data. However, in reality, usually no single, unified data platform exists in which all of the data related to a project – from the project schedule to actual work to actual costs – is consolidated and easy to access. Typically, such data is distributed across different IT systems like Microsoft Project, SharePoint and ERP systems like SAP.

CS Connect is an international leading and certified product for the integration between Microsoft and SAP ERP. CS Connect has been on the market nearly a decade and provides interface modules to Microsoft Project Server versions from 2003-2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server versions 2007-2013. Due to its flexibility CS Connect can also be used to integrate other systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, SAP BW, SAP PPM, SAP Solution Manager, Microsoft Dynamics, HP PPM, Atlassian Jira, and Oracle.

Through the integration with cloud solutions like Microsoft Project Online, CS Connect establishes the foundation for flexible, scalable solutions with high user acceptance and reasonable costs on a subscription base. CS Connect also supports the integration of hybrid scenarios where the one application is used in the cloud and the other application is available on premise.

Your Benefits

  • Increased Savings
    Maintain a single data source and sync changes to other systems instead of transferring information manually
  • Higher Reliability
    Automate data transfer to ensure complete information and reduce rectification expenditure as well as manual booking corrections
  • Accurate Decisions
    Increase transparency based on consistent and up-to-date data for all roles involved in the integrated project management process

In addition to the powerful standard product CS Connect, Campana & Schott has many years of consulting experience in conception and implementation of integration scenarios as well as in providing professional support in ongoing operations.

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